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The Next Level of Cannabis 
Marketing is Antler Lifestyles

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Engage the New Fan & Keep the Oldschool Happy

Antler caters to all kinds of cannabis fans worldwide. Its appeal is in the way we curate legal cannabis products in each box and then add an irresistible layer of fun & excitement. All designed to both entertain and challenge your mind & body. 


Create an Unforgettable & Emotional Experience 

A visit to any cannabis retailer is basically the same anywhere you go. You stand and stare at jars & then pick the cannabis you want and walk out. But when an Antler Delivery Driver pulls up to your door with a big heavy colourful box that's filled with wild products of your chosen theme & personal style, trust us - it's a whole new experience for anyone.  


Push the Envelope Further than Anyone & Keep Going

The beauty about Antler is it's infinite combinations & never attempted cross marketing possibilities. You want some water? It's in the box. You hungry? Have a snack. Wanna read or play some fun games? In the box pal. How about a nice relaxing bath bomb soak and a great book. You guessed it - in the box. Remember, those old gift baskets? They didn't come with legal drugs & beach balls. Antler is specifically designed for events of all kinds. 


A Trusted and Respected Brand that Everyone Loves

There's a good reason our brand is so clean & simple in it's look & feel. It's reminiscent of the classic baseball logos of the old days. It relaxes you and invokes thoughts of youth, having fun and enjoying yourself. The word Antler means powerful & strong. Antler Lifestyle Boxes are 100% California born & raised. 

The Original Antler
Lifestyle Boxes 

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