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It's Time for the Next Level
in TV & Film Marketing

Our Services


Engage the New Fan & Keep the Oldschool Happy

Antler programs are purposefully created to reach fresh new viewers worldwide. Our appeal is in the way we curate each show & then add an irresistible layer of fun & excitement. Each show is designed to both entertain & challenge your mind while delivering a whole new style of superior,  intelligent entertainment.


Create an Unforgettable & Emotional Viewing Experience 

The internet, has become a mundane crawl of terrible scams, sex, fake news & belligerent egos. Anyone will agree that the landscape has changed and therefore - so has the game itself. Don't get us wrong, we enjoy our fav websites like anyone else. We have our fav shows and of course we are loyal to top quality programming. 

But the fact is there is plenty of room for competition in a number of key sectors like Cooking Shows, Sports, Adventure, Limited Dramatic Series &  Documentaries. 


Push the Envelope Further than Anyone & Keep Going

Let's put it like this - So you like watching cooking shows? So do we! We also enjoy watching entertaining Chefs share their passion for food & creating unique dishes in fun & challenging settings. That's exactly what kind of cooking shows we create! Engaging, fun & forward thinking episodes that build & create viewer loyalty filled with edgy concepts that take your imagination beyond the kitchen. 


A Trusted and Respected Brand that Everyone Loves

There's a good reason our brand is so clean & simple in it's look & feel. It's reminiscent of the classic baseball logos of the 1950's. It relaxes you and invokes thoughts of youth, having fun and enjoying yourself. The word Antler means powerful & strong. Antler programs are for family viewers of all ages and lifestyles. 

The Original Antler
Brand Corporation 

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