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'Antler is the First of it's Kind'

Sometimes Peanut Butter meets Chocolate & pure magic ensues. This was the case when the concept of smashing SUPREME + AMAZON + CANNABIS hit us. 



We began this journey as a simple fashion brand concept that had a very unique & edgy lifestyle component to it. Well before the pandemic hit, we had already shown off Antler at various trade shows held all over the world. We knew immediately that we had something special. People loved the brand. 

Antler is doing it's thing at it's own pace attracting fans worldwide. And that's just fine with us. 


"This is our baby and we are taking our sweet time to release it properly with a ton of love & care. Why rush a good thing right?

All of us at The Original Antler Brand Corporation are truly thrilled to be able to launch the amazing Antler Lifestyle Boxes in sunny California. It's a very exciting  time for us and the vibe is absolutely perfect."


- Duran Bodasing  / The Original Antler Brand Corp

Experienced Leadership & 
The Right Fit

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