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In this original documentary, Canadian television celebrity Chef Duran Bodasing, returns to his birthplace as the eldest great great grandson of Babu Bodasing to rediscover his amazing heritage family roots & celebrate the Bodasing's 150th anniversary of his great great grandfathers legacy.


A true tale of hope, freedom & family. 


Written, Directed & Produced by Antler Studios © 


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In 'BABU / THE STORY OF THE BODASING FAMILY,' follow the remarkable odyssey of Babu Bodasing, a visionary from India whose determination and expertise revolutionized sugar cane farming in South Africa, tracing his inspiring migration, challenges, and pioneering contributions that shaped 150 years of the Bodasing family's agricultural legacy forever. 


In the backdrop of turbulent times, our story unveils how amidst South Africa's wars, Babu Bodasing emerged as a beacon of compassion and progress. As conflict loomed, he not only transformed the sugar cane landscape but also championed the emancipation of slaves, providing not just shelter and schools but fostering a sense of belonging and dignity, shaping a community that thrived against adversity.


Witness the gripping tale of defiance as Babu Bodasing stood tall against the entrenched might of white sugar cane barons and corporate dominance. With unwavering determination, he challenged the status quo, advocating for fair practices and the empowerment of local farmers. His relentless pursuit of justice and equity reshaped the landscape of sugar cane farming, paving the way for a more inclusive and sustainable future against formidable odds.


Babu’s story evolves to present day and sheds light on the evolving climate challenges impacting crop growth and sugar production. The documentary explores how factors like erratic weather patterns, prolonged droughts, and shifting environmental conditions have become critical hurdles. It delves into the innovative approaches and modern technologies that are being embraced to mitigate these challenges, ensuring the continuity of sugar cane farming while honoring Babu Bodasing's legacy of resilience and adaptability in the face of a changing world.

A constant battle over the ongoing efforts to balance traditional wisdom with contemporary solutions. Through interviews with agricultural experts, scientists, and farmers, the documentary unveils the utilization of sustainable farming techniques, water management systems, and genetic advancements, illustrating a commitment to preserving Babu Bodasing's legacy while navigating the intricate interplay between nature, technology, and the future of sugarcane cultivation in Africa.


The City of Durban, the Bodasing family's enduring legacy extends far beyond the sugar cane fields. The Bodasing farm as we know it today, is  led by the visionary stewardship of Keval Bodasing. Keval is the eldest son of the late Ajith Bodasing, son of Harry Bodasing. The family continues to shape the city's landscape. The film showcases their family & ongoing commitment to community development, education, and philanthropy.


Keval Bodasing spearheads initiatives that transcend farming, investing in urban infrastructure, educational programs, and sustainable development projects, solidifying the family's integral role in Durban's progress and prosperity for generations to come continuing the line with his sons & daughters. 

Sustainable sugar cane farming stands as a beacon for the future. Embracing a legacy of innovation, they pave the way for progressive agricultural practices. The documentary explores how the family champions cutting-edge technologies, eco-friendly methodologies, and research-driven approaches to enhance crop yields while minimizing environmental impact. Their relentless pursuit of excellence not only elevates their products but also sets a precedent for sustainable farming practices globally. By marrying tradition with innovation, the Bodasing family continues to redefine the landscape of sugar cane farming.


Duran Bodasing's return to South Africa for this monumental documentary serves as a poignant exploration of family ties and cultural heritage. With each frame, Duran infuses his on-camera hosting expertise and storytelling finesse, seamlessly blending the essence of his great great grandfather's legacy with the vibrant flavors and rich tapestry of South African culture.


This journey through Duran's impassioned lens, becomes not merely a historical account but a deeply personal narrative, intertwining the past, present, and future, resonating across continents, and inviting the world to partake in the inspiring tale of resilience, innovation, and the enduring spirit of the Bodasing family.

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